Welcome to QuestXR's first mini-game - The Case of Emily Hatch.

You must play the game on a mobile device. Please return to this page on your phone or tablet.
Welcome to QuestXR's first mini-game - The Case of Emily Hatch.

To get started, enter your name and email address below and tap the button. We need your email address as you will be receiving clues by email as part of the game. Before you play, you might want to read the notes and tips below.

If you've already started the game, you can login and pick up where you left off here.

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A few notes & tips:
  • WebAR is part of the game. You will be asked to allow the app to use your camera, etc.
  • The WebAR experiences occasionally glitch on some Android phones, but work consistently on iPhones.
  • The WebAR experiences are outside of the app but there will be a button to return or will automatically bounce you back at the end. Please use your main browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, etc.) to play, so you remain logged in.
  • You can return to any part of the game by tapping the breadcrumbs at the top of any page.
  • Make sure to check your inbox and spam/junk for expected emails.
  • Feel free to use any resource (Google, Wikipedia, phone a friend, etc.) to solve the challenges.
We hope you enjoy the mini-game and look forward to your feedback at the end!

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